What are sails?

Graceful natural arcs of fabric keeping you
cool and shaded

What are sails? Sails are an attractive and innovative way of reducing heat gain in your conservatory whilst also protecting you from harmful UV rays and providing welcome shade from the glare of the sun.

• Effortlessly stylish
• Stay cool in the summer
• Filter the glare out of the sun
• Protect soft furnishings
• Machine washable
• Fire retardant


Effortlessly stylish

Elegant and eye pleasing, sails take on natural arcs and curves as they reach around your conservatory creating graceful and calming visual statements which complement traditional and modern tastes alike.
Fully machine washable and fire retardant for life, our sails come in white, standard or custom colours. Standard fittings secure to timber, PVC, metal and glass

Solar performance

We chose InShade100 optical white fabric because it is one of the best solar reflective fabrics available; reflecting 72% of solar energy while allowing 21% light transmission. Sit beneath your sail bathed in a comfortable cool gentle light perfect for reading or relaxing.

Design – the only limit is your imagination

Our sails can be stretched, twisted, shaped and combined to suit any dimensions and any space. They can be horizontal, diagonal or vertical. The key is to access the space and work with it to create something special, and that’s why design is so important. By using our full design and layout service you can select the design that suits your conservatory and suits you. It’s free and we have up to 50 different designs to choose from.

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