Thermal Pleated Blinds

Transform your conservatory into one the most pleasant rooms in your house, what ever the weather!

Pleated window blinds are a neat and discreet way of shading your windows. They have excellent thermal properties so you can get better use out of the heat your are paying for whilst keeping any unwanted solar gain or prying eyes out! Many of our fabrics are fully washable and are able to stand up to the rigours of modern household living.

Our wide range of colours and textures allow you to work with your existing decor or create something new and stylish set the scene for whatever create the types of environment that suits you and the way live.

• Large range of beautiful fabrics
• Can be made to almost any shape
• Neat and discreet
• Manual or electric available
• Retain heat in the winter
• Reflect heat in the summer
• Shade and light control>
• Privacy
• Washable fabrics
• Tough and durable
• Deflect harmful UV rays