Create a homely welcoming statement
in your windows


25orange-roundalInstalling plantation shutters into your windows is a wonderful way to benefit from all the that other window shading products offer but so much more! Our shutters are engineered to look stunningly attractive with many different options available but also to be robust enough to last and last!

Offer Applies to 25% off selected wood stain finishes, call for details.

• Choose light or shade
• A beautiful alternative to secondary glazing
• Improve the security of your home
• Reduce noise from outside
• Significant light reduction for bedrooms


General Information:

  1. Construction
    Moisture, temperature differences and air movement can make windows challenging places places to put wooden products,  thats why it is so important that shutters are designed and built correctly. We have employed the best tooling and strongest jointing techniques combined with fully engineered cores to give our shutters that extra strength that means you can trust them for the long run.
  2. Shutter Styles
    Our shutters come in many different styles. Whether its tier on tier, cafe style, tracked systems, bay windows or good old traditional full height shutters we can put together a package that’s exactly what you are after.
  3. Colours
    While many people love the warmth of natural wood finishes, others prefer a painted finish, so we offer both.
  4. Farrow and Ball
    Painted finishes are combined with our multiple paint and lacquering processes  plus a colour match service mean the world is your oyster when it comes to colour selection
  5. Natural Wood Finishes
    Our extensive range of wooden stained finishes embrace all thats natural and charming about wood but give you the choice of shade so you can match your shutters to your existing decor.
  6. Craftsmanship
    As with any piece of bespoke semi permanent furniture, the installation and placement of the item is extremely important, that’s why we only use experts to fit your shutters. Our installers are highly skilled in fitting shutters the right way every time so you can enjoy them every time you use them.