Beautiful Bespoke Shutters, just for you and your home.

Work with the light you have

Natural light is something to be embraced, we love it!! It makes a room come alive. Our shutters are designed to give you numerous options on how to work with the light that comes through your windows. Whichever way your house is orientated in relation to the sun there is a way we can take the light that comes through your windows and redirect it, reduce it, reduce part of it, enhance it or shut it out almost entirely (useful in bedrooms!!). A common challenge some of our customers have had, is what to do about sunlight on the TV or laptop/tablet? We have a system that enables you to shut of the exact bit of sun that causes the problem, leaving able to work/watch your TV without any glare.

Plantation shutters are a beautiful way to dress your windows. Some people think of them as ‘just another type of blind’ but we refer to the as made to measure window furniture.

We use traditional joinery/carpentry techniques like mortice and tenon jointing on the corner of each panel to produce very strong fit for purpose shutters.

“So how do I go about getting the right design for my house/ widows?” You may ask.

The answer is simply to think in terms of form and function. The form is the style that will suit your windows best and the function is how you want to use the shutters to ensure that they satisfy your requirements for your lifestyle.

Rest assured though that we will work with you and advise on what will work best for you.


The key to getting the best design for your windows is best summed up with the word ‘harmony’, if your shutters and your windows work together and  complement each other, and match each other then you have a lovely simple harmony. So if your windows have certain themes e.g. 2 sashes, then it make sense that your shutters line up with the lines in your window, or if your window has a horizontal feature then we can match it with your shutters. The idea is that when your shutters go in they present your house in the best way to the street and any passers by and inside they offer you all the functionality you want, so you can live the way you want to.


As well as looking beautiful our shutters have many practical benefits too, for example shutters can help significantly reduce your energy bills by enabling you to keep much of the heat that you may lose through your windows. Also our shutters will reduce in external noise, like passing cars or planes going overhead etc.

Shutter Styles

Full Height

As the names suggests, full height shutters cover the entire window, this is our most popular type of shutter because it offers you control over all of the light that comes through your window and you get all of the thermal and noise reduction benefits too.

Tier on Tier

Just like the full height shutter, Tier on Tier shutters cover the whole window so you get the thermal and noise reduction benefits, but the beauty of tier on tier is that you can open the upper tier whilst the lower tier is still closed giving you privacy in the lower half of the window and all the natural light through the upper half.

Shaped Shutters

Most windows are square or rectangular, but not all! Some windows are round or triangular or arched, where this is the case most traditional window dressing options can be problematic. Our shutters are truly made to measure so if your window is an odd shape that’s no problem. Over the years we have made many shaped shutters and they always look fantastic.

Tracked Shutters

In recent years large expanse bi-folding doors and sliding doors have become very popular, but as the doors have got bigger its been harder and harder to fit shading products to them. Tracked shutters are designed for this, each shutter panel is hung from a track that is fitting to the upper recess and when you want to access the doors the panels concertina out of the way.

Want to talk about your project?

Case study

Shaped gable end Shutters

The challenge

Our customer had just bought a new house. Full of character this new house also had some beautiful rustic features which included some challenging windows that needed a creative solution. Our customer wanted to embrace and retain the shape of the windows with its mullions and transoms of oak but she also wanted privacy, heat loss reduction and light/UV control. She also wanted to be able to retract the shutter panels from the middle of the window so she could enjoy the view

The solution

Shaped hardwood shutters made to fit the aperture perfectly and line up with the windows features so that the window and shutters work in harmony together. The centre section is ‘Tier on Tier so our customer can open the upper or lower half fully open or half open and half closed. The shutters provide excellent insulation from heat loss and incoming heat, whilst also giving full light control and, yes, they also looked absolutely amazing too.

This is what our customer had to say...

“Having had shutters fitted at our last property by Village Green Blinds, we knew that they had the expertise to help us out with this new challenge which presented itself in our next home. Alastair listened carefully to our brief, which was how best to combine practicality whilst keeping the aesthetic light and simple. He knew instinctively how to solve the problem and we think it’s fair to say that the finished result has completely transformed the room. We are absolutely delighted with our new shutters.”
Mrs K Baker